Back Pain

A Gentle Method for Handling Back Pain

No one likes back pain. However, most people will have a bout with it at some point in life. For many, they'll need just a few days of rest and slow movement to fully recover. Others need medical intervention. Many people think that the only treatments for back pain are heating pads, pain medication, and surgery, but that is not the case. Our chiropractor, Dr. Rod Merritt, who works in the Hilliard and Columbus, OH, region, can help alleviate back pain through more gentle methods.


Chiropractic Treatment and General Wellness

The movie version of chiropractic treatment usually involves a doctor grabbing the patient's chin or shoulders and twisting them to make a loud crunching sound. That's not really what happens. Our chiropractor does make certain movements along your spine or a joint that can result in some noise, but these high velocity adjustments are not the only way a chiropractor performs a manual adjustment.

Manual adjustments are also only a single part of overall chiropractic treatment. You'll also find out about exercises that might help you, as well as stress relief tactics and nutrition information, all meant to help you relax.

Relaxation is important because a lot of back pain is made worse by you tensing up. Your muscles end up hurting more, causing more tension, and so on. It's a frustrating feedback loop. By relaxing, you can break that cycle, at least to some extent. That lets you feel better and better as days go on. It helps you with rehabilitation, making it easier for you to perform movements necessary for whatever exercise or other therapy you're going through.

When you have back pain that won't go away, or pain that keeps coming back, you have to look at everything going on, from the state of your health to the ergonomics in your workspace to how closely you follow recovery instructions. It can take time, but most back pain can be lessened, if not eliminated, through non-surgical means.

Start Soothing Back Pain Today

Dr. Rod Merritt is our chiropractor practicing in the Hilliard and Columbus, OH, region. If you have back pain that won't go away or that keeps recurring, call us at (614) 777-1920 to schedule an appointment.

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