Chiropractic Care

What Is Chiropractic Care and Why Is It Important?

Chiropractic care is a natural, holistic approach to medicine that healthcare professionals offer to provide pain relief and treatment for the spine, joints, and soft tissues of the human body. Chiropractors mostly focus on issues related to the musculoskeletal system, however, chiropractic care is varied and can include things that do not seem directly related, such as providing nutrition, diet advice, and coaching. If you live in or around Hilliard or Columbus, OH, schedule an appointment with Dr. Rod Merritt and learn more about how chiropractic care and our services can benefit you.


Understanding Chiropractic Adjustments & Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic adjustments are typically the primary service that a chiropractor will utilize for pain and symptom relief. With chiropractic adjustments, the chiropractor will use either his hands or a specialized instrument to apply a controlled force to key points in the spine or joints. This force is usually applied to correct spinal misalignments that are interfering with the basic functions of the nervous system and causing pain or discomfort.

The spinal cord contains the primary spinal nerves of the nervous system which control and enable the body to self-heal and regulate. When the nervous system is blocked, you will feel pain, numbness, or tingling in various areas of your body.

What Causes Nervous System Interference?

The most common reason why people visit a chiropractor's office is that they were in an accident that caused sudden and immediate stress to their nervous system, spine, or muscles. For example, whiplash and slip and fall accidents are two of the most frequent reasons why patients come to our office for chiropractic care. In these types of accidents, an immediate misalignment or imbalance, also known as vertebral subluxation, typically occurs and results in painful symptoms. Through chiropractic adjustments and other chiropractic care services like massage, we can correct the imbalance.

While sudden accidents are among the most common causes of nervous system interference, they are not the only causes. Nervous system interference is also associated with poor posture, bad sleeping habits, medication and substance abuse, and even poor diet. Sometimes old childhood pain and trauma can resurface after an event such as simply turning around in your seat too quickly. All of these situations can lead to stress on your central nervous system. Our experienced chiropractor is here to assist in both diagnosing and treating such health issues.

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