Electrical Stimulation

A variety of soft tissue injuries can cause ongoing pain and weakness in an affected part of your body. Fortunately, our experienced chiropractor can provide a range of non-invasive treatments that do not require addictive pain medications to alleviate a variety of pain-inducing soft-tissue injuries. Our professional chiropractic staff at Dr. Rod Merritt in Hilliard and Columbus are highly experienced and effective and providing electrical stimulation therapy that can alleviate pain while enhancing natural healing.


Conditions Treated by Electrical Stimulation

Electrical stimulation therapy also is referred to as electro stimulation and does a great job of helping to alleviate swelling and pain. The therapy commonly treats sprains and strains that could occur to virtually any part of your body. Almost any soft tissue injury is a good candidate for electro stimulation and its many great benefits. The same goes for spinal disc strains and other injuries that often cause patients to seek the help of a chiropractor.

How Electrical Stimulation Works

Our chiropractor will apply electrodes to the afflicted area and send an electrical current through the system. That electrical current will pass through the injured area, which helps to promote increased blood flow. This increased blood flow helps to remove toxins while flooding the afflicted area with new blood cells and beneficial fluids. The tissue also benefits from the electrical stimulation that helps to promote more rapid healing while reducing swelling and related pain.

Electrical stimulation is a proven therapy that works best in combination with other therapies. Trigger point therapy and spinal or joint manipulation are commonly combined therapies with many great and proven benefits. Patients often feel more limber and less pain immediately following a full chiropractic treatment that includes electrical stimulation. That helps to reduce any need for potentially addictive pain medication while making it possible to move about, work, and enjoy a generally better quality of life.

Learn How Electrical Stimulation Rehabilitation Can Help You

If you or someone you know is suffering from chronic pain, electrical stimulation combined with other non-invasive therapies might be especially beneficial. You can contact our friendly and professional staff at Dr. Rod Merritt and learn more about how electro stimulation assists with various injury and pain rehabilitation treatments. We work with area medical doctors, hospitals, and health insurers to provide effective, non-invasive, and non-addictive treatments that give patients in Columbus and Hilliard beneficial health results. 

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