Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine is an approach to medicine that focuses on systems biology, which views the human body as an interconnected whole. By focusing on systems biology, the purpose of functional medicine is to identify and then address the root cause of pain and disease. Functional medicine addresses the fact that one disease or disorder may have many causes, and inversely that one cause may lead to many different diseases or disorders.


Whether assisting with side effects of breast implants or determining the underlying causes of digestive issues, functional medicine can help with a range of issues and disorders.

Functional Medicine Testing

In order to get a view of the bigger picture, multiple tests need to be completed. These are the five most common tests associated with functional medicine:

GI Effects or GI Map The GI Effects and GI Map tests utilize stool to complete digestive/GI (gastrointestinal) panels and testing. This is the most common test you will see in functional medicine and for good reason. It is common consensus that knowing what is going on in the gut biome leads to a really good understanding of someone's overall health. Among other things, these tests look for things such as:

  1. breakdown of your gut biome
  2. different types of gut bacteria
  3. inflammation levels
  4. digestion and absorption levels
  5. parasites and worms

 DUTCH Plus DUTCH Plus utilizes dried urine and saliva to complete hormone testing. Similar to the GI Effects and GI Map tests, DUTCH Plus also gives a good view on someone's overall health. This is because this test looks at hormones and their pathways, allowing the doctor to see how your hormones are interacting with each other.

 Organic Acids Test (OAT Test) The OAT Test utilizes urine to look at your metabolism via neurotransmitter testing. This is especially important for patients who are experiencing mood disorders, fatigue, weight issues, or digestive issues.

 SIBO Breath Test The SIBO Breath Test utilizes just your breath to determine if you have SIBO, which stands for Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth. This test will only be done if you seem to have GI symptoms possibly related to SIBO.

IGG Food Sensitivity Panel The IGG Food Sensitivity Panel utilizes blood work to test for food sensitivities.

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