Neck Pain

Neck Pain Treatment

Neck pain is a condition that can happen for many reasons. In some instances, neck pain disappears on its own. However, it can linger on for quite some time. If you are dealing with chronic pain in this area of your body, contact Dr. Rod Merritt to meet with our chiropractor in Hilliard for effective neck pain treatment. Here is information about how people develop neck pain, how to reduce discomfort, and what our chiropractor can do to help.


Why People Suffer from Neck Pain

Discomfort and pain in the neck can stem from poor posture. A common cause of neck pain is tech neck. Tech neck is a condition caused by constantly looking down at a cellphone, tablet, or laptop. If you were in an auto accident, you might be suffering from whiplash. Whiplash is a condition caused by forces violently whipping the head back and forth. Also, something as simple as sleeping on too many pillows can lead to neck pain.

How to Reduce Neck Pain Discomfort at Home

Many people find that warmth is soothing on a painful neck. Placing a warm compress on your neck can relieve neck pain discomfort. A warm shower or bath can also help to minimize discomfort. Make sure to stay well-rested, as this can help to reduce neck pain as well. Make sure you do not strain your neck any further until you are able to schedule an appointment with Dr. Rod Merritt.

What Our Chiropractor Can Do to Help

During your chiropractic appointment, our chiropractor will ask questions about your ailment to determine the cause of your pain. Then, we will evaluate your range of motion and pain threshold to determine a rehabilitation treatment plan that's best for you. Spinal adjustments help to minimize pain in the neck tremendously. Our chiropractic center's other neck pain treatment options include electrical stimulation, functional medicine, lifestyle changes, and nutritional counseling.

Contact Us for Neck Rehabilitation from Our Chiropractor in Hilliard

If you are experiencing chronic neck pain and are searching for an effective treatment to alleviate your symptoms, our chiropractic care can help. At Dr. Rod Merritt, our Hilliard chiropractor offers neck pain rehabilitation treatment for our patients using non-invasive methods. We are committed to providing the care our patients need to get back to livening free of their neck pain. To learn more about how we help patients in Hilliard, Columbus, and surrounding areas live pain-free, give us a call today to find out. 

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