Nutrition Counseling

Nutrition counseling is an important service at Dr. Rod Merritt Chiropractic. It is used to treat chronic illnesses, help with weight loss, and manage pain. Nutritional counseling involves the right diet, supplements, and exercise to help patients manage pain, illness, and help them stay healthy. Nutritional counseling can increase energy, help with weight loss, boost the immune system, reduce pain and inflammation, and help with poor digestion. Dr. Merritt has a BS in Nutrition from Park University in Kansas City. Our team works with primary care physicians and serves the Hilliard, OH area.


When you come in for an appointment we will look at look at your medical history and perform a physical. We often take blood and imaging tests to make a diagnosis. We will design a customized diet and exercise program to meet your needs. We work with patients that need to lose weight, have allergies, chronic illness, and injuries. Nutrition counseling is combined with traditional chiropractic care in our office.

Nutrition, Detox, and Supplements

A healthy diet and supplements will help you lose weight, heal injuries, and manage pain or chronic illness. A good diet will include plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables that have vitamins, fiber, and minerals. We recommend salads or vegetable side dishes as part of every meal. Protein helps build muscle. Grass fed and hormone free meats are good sources of protein. Other foods with protein are eggs beans, nuts, yogurt, and seeds. Fish like tuna, salmon, and shrimp provide the essential fatty acids needed to promote overall health. 

We focus on whole grain breads, pasta, and rice that breaks down slowly in the body. Our chiropractor will design a diet that includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, and healthy snacks designed to meet your nutrition needs. Dr. Merritt will often recommend supplements that you are missing. He may recommend a protein drink or supplements to give your body the protein, vitamins, and minerals it needs.

Detox or cleansing the body might be part of the treatment. Often a cleansing program or supplement is recommended to use as part of the program. It removes toxins and chemicals from the body. It is often used with a special diet and supplements. We have meal plans for various conditions and counseling to meet your specific goals.

Exercise as Part of Nutritional Counseling

Exercise is an important part of nutrition counseling. Our chiropractor will design special exercises for chronic conditions to manage pain and increase mobility. Specific exercises address specific conditions and can be done at home. Exercise builds strong muscles and bones and helps with balance and flexibility. Our program is a combination of a healthy diet, supplements, and regular exercise.

Contact Us for Nutritional Counseling

Contact Dr. Rod Merritt in Hilliard for a nutritional counseling appointment for weight loss, illness, managing pain, and sports training. Fill out our online form or call the office at 614-777-1920. We focus on nutritional counseling to treat specific conditions/goals and service Hilliard and the surrounding area.

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