Conditions Treated

Conditions Treated With Chiropractic Care

Are you in constant pain from an old injury? Dr. Rod Merritt, a Hilliard Chiropractor in Hilliard, OH can help. We serve the greater Columbus area. Below is more information about the conditions we treat and how they are treated. 

Conditions Treated

We treat various conditions here at Hilliard Chiropractor. These conditions include:

  • Headaches
  • Neck pain
  • Back pain
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Knee pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Digestive issues
  • Hormone imbalances

Pediatric conditions such as:

  • Infantile torticollis
  • Colic
  • Ear infections
  • Bedwetting

Neck and back pain are some of the most common conditions that people come in to get treated for. Injuries, illness, and poor posture can contribute to back and neck pain. Headaches can range from a dull pain to a debilitating migraine. Headaches can be caused by stress, bad posture, accidents, and injuries. 

Plantar fasciitis is when the tissues in your heal become inflamed. Injury in this area is the most common cause of plantar fasciitis. When this ligament is stretched with this condition, tiny tears occur, causing pain.

We also treat a variety of pediatric conditions. Infantile torticollis is when the muscles that keep the skull to the collarbone and breastbone become shortened. This condition can be caused by a hard birth or how the infant was positioned in the womb. 

Chiropractic Treatment

We offer different types of treatment to improve symptoms from the above conditions. These treatments include functional medicine, chiropractic adjustments, and nutrition.

Functional medicine is when the main cause of a disease is addressed. This means we not only find ways to relieve your pain, but we also use various methods to find and treat what is causing your pain. This includes using chiropractic adjustments, nutrition, and other methods of treatment at our office.

Chiropractic adjustments are when the neck and spine are realigned to support one another and other parts of the body. When the spine and neck are placed back into the correct positions, unnatural pressure is taken off of muscles and other soft tissue, bring pain relief to these areas. 

Nutrition is a very important step to healing the body. Drinking the right liquids, eating the right foods, and using the right nutritional supplements can heal the body from within. We would be happy to discuss this and other methods of healing during your initial visit with us.

Please contact us if you have any questions about our practice. We are here to help give you the pain relief you are looking for.

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